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Which Accounting Job is Best in the UK? (Infographic)

Financial Training has done some research for you to see which accounting job is best in the UK. We found our statistics from universities and career specialists that understand what’s truly happening within the job market.

If you are student just beginning your accountancy journey, you may be wondering which job you should be aiming for. To help you gain an overview, we put together these facts to help you see what the accounting profession is like in the UK.

For those of you who want the highest paying accounting jobs, then perhaps you should consider eventually becoming a Finance Director and earn £82,223. We discovered there are the most jobs available in Accountancy Practice, and the Greater London area offers you the highest paying positions.

Which Accounting Job is Best in the UK? - An infographic by the team at Financial Training

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Accounting Jobs & Pay in the UK

Good news – accounting jobs pay well. Even entry level positions offer you competitive pay that will only increase as you earn valuable years of experience. Our statistics show that the jobs at the top of the accounting pay scale are highly specialist positions – such as a career in Forensic Fraud or that of a Finance Director. Maybe the secret to a highly paid accounting job is finding an area of accountancy that you can focus on mastering. For those of you that have already started your career, maybe you should consider finding that niche to eventually increase pay.

Availability of UK Accounting Jobs

Which area of the UK accounting job market is most saturated? You don’t want to chase after jobs where there are no positions available to you. This is why we uncovered the top three positions that need applicants.

There are lots of UK jobs in Accountancy Practice, followed by Finance Manager and then Management Accountant positions. This might give you a good indication of which direction to take and areas of accounting where there are opportunities.

Location & Pay

Living in a big city is expensive. It makes sense that accountants in London are being paid much more than those in other parts of the country to balance the steep cost of living. After London, the Midlands and East and then Yorkshire and the North East offer newly qualified Chartered Accountants the highest pay based on area.

Who are the Big Four?

Have you heard of the big four? If not, you will soon learn who they are. These are the four largest international professional services networks in accountancy and professional services. They deal with the largest amount of audits for publicly traded companies, as well as private companies. From highest to lowest revenue these audit firms are – Deloitte, PwC, Earnst & Young and KPMG. Two of them have headquarters in the United Kingdom (PwC and Ernst & Young). Deloitte is based in the United States and KPMG in the Netherlands.

You never know where your profession might take you– you could end up eventually working for one of the biggest audit firms in the world!

Comparing the Positives & Negatives

In addition to pay statistics, we thought it might be helpful to weigh up the positives and negatives to potential careers in accounting. For example, a job as a Chartered Accountant offers you exciting variety in tasks, interaction with many different people and responsibility early in your career. However, you have to be willing to deal with long study and work hours. We thought this honest comparison might help you reach a decision for your accounting career.

Please let us know – which accounting job you think is best in the UK? It might not be the highest paid but maybe it’s in an area you are truly passionate about.

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