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Financial Derivatives: Core or Elective?

A Masters in Finance (MSc in Finance) degree is the cream of finance courses for graduates who are seeking to develop a career in the Banking and Finance Industry, from stock broking and securities trading to banking and investment analysis.

MSc Finance: Retail and Investment Banking

The MSc in Finance course is a Masters in Finance for postgraduate students who are very highly level of motivation. This MSc in Finance, Retail and Investment Banking degree will take one year to complete and it is a full time course.

MSc in Finance – UK Courses

The MSC in Finance is a postgraduate degree offered by many universities and institutions across the country, including the London School of Business and Finance. Their degree can be taken with an emphasis on a number of different specialist financial subjects, all of which are tailored to enable you to gain the necessary skills that are required in a modern day financial institution.

MSc Finance Courses in the UK

The MSc Finance Degree course is designed for finance professionals that are already active within the finance world, especially within the fields of investment, commercial and retail banking, hedge funds, investment management, capital markets and corporate finance.

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