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IMC UK Qualification

If you are looking to receive the IMC course and qualification, it is designed for people who want to work in the financial analysis or investment management industries. The IMC is considered to be an entry level exam and is often sat by people as a precursor to taking the CFA qualification.

IMC Qualification

The CFA oversee the examination course for the Investment Management Certificate (IMC), which is a foundation course often taken as a precursor to studying for the full CFA qualification. You are able to take the IMC exam at any time of your choosing, once you have registered for the CFA, although it must be sat within one year of the registration date.

UK IMC Course
If you are looking to follow the IMC course and The Role of the Financial Services Authority module, then you will be expected to study a two tier course programme. This includes Unit 1, Investment Environment, which will be assessed by a one hour and 45 minute examination consisting of 85 questions, and Unit 2, Investment Practice, which has a two hour and 20 minute exam with 105 questions.

The IMC course Unit 1 syllabus includes:
• Financial Markets
• The Regulation of Financial Services
• The Role of the Financial Services Authority
• Regulatory Frameworks

IMC Qualification and The UK Financial Services Module
The Investment Management Certificate (IMC) qualification is one of the most popular foundation level qualifications amongst investment firms. Since 2010, these exams have been a QCA Level 4 qualification, as opposed to a Level 3.

IMC London - Unit 1 Exam, Syllabus & Legal Concepts Module
The IMC London Legal Concepts module is part of Unit 1 focusing on The Investment Environment and has a strong concentration on legal issues surrounding funds.

The IMC UK course is a two tier structure which includes Unit 1 – The Investment Environment and Unit 2 - Investment Practice. The Unit 1 IMC exam consists of 85 questions, where you are given one hour and 40 minutes to complete. Unit 2 has 105 questions and is two hours and 20 minutes in duration.

About the Investment Management Certificate & IMC Financial Markets Course
The IMC Financial Markets Course is part of Unit 1, The Investment Environment, introducing students to basic knowledge of the UK regulatory environment. The IMC qualification course is comprised of modules in Unit 1 and Unit 2, leading to an examination for each and ultimately the IMC qualification.

What is the IMC UK?
The Investment Management Certificate (IMC) course is a qualification split into two units and is an entry level qualification for people wanting to work in the investment fund industry. It has been passed by more than 25,000 investment fund professionals in the UK.

What is the IMC UK qualification?
The Investment Management Certificate (IMC) is awarded through the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) institution and has, for the last 15 years, been the most widely established investment examination in the UK. Currently held by over 25,000 professionals, the CFA IMC is considered to be the benchmark, entry level qualification to establish a successful career in the finance and investment sector with 5,000 IMC exams being administered annually directly through the CFA.

What is the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) Qualification?
The IMC qualification is an industry recognised qualification that provides students with a basic grounding in the world of finance and investment management.

What is the IMC Qualification?
The Investment Management Certificate or IMC qualification is approved by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).The IMC exam is being administered by the Chartered Finance Analyst (CFA) Institute, who provide over 5,000 examinations annually.

Currently held by just 15,000 professionals in the UK investment sector, the IMC qualification in London is regarded as the benchmark qualification for those wishing to enter a career in financial analysis or investment management.

IMC Qualification, Exam and Courses in the UK

The Investment Management Certificate (IMC) qualification has been approved by the Financial Services Authority as a benchmark competency examination for investment professionals in the UK. It is also recognised by the fund management industry as an entry level qualification for those working in financial analysis and investment management and is examined by the CFA Society of the UK.

IMC Qualification Benefits