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The GARP FRM exam is a globally recognised qualification for people who work, or hope to work, in the financial risk management industry. Whilst you do not have to have a career as a finance professional to begin studying for the qualification, you should have a basic understanding of what is financial management prior to starting their studies.

FRM Current Issues in Financial Markets: Finance Courses Exam, Questions, Past Papers and Syllabus

Benefits of the FRM Qualification

Initiated by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) to address the core foundations and principles of what is financial management, the FRM qualification is a highly regarded application in risk management training with global recognition within the credit risk management sector.

FRM Investment Management and Risk Management: GARP FRM Courses, Exam & Syllabus

Financial Risk Management (FRM)

The Financial Risk Management (FRM) UK course will provide you with a qualification to manage financial risk for businesses. The exam is popular for those in many different roles, and if you ask the question, "What is financial management?" indeed there is no simple answer.
Financial management covers a fairly wide area of employment including:
• jobs in accounting
• investing
• securities

FRM Finance Courses

The Financial Risk Management (FRM) course is currently the best qualification worldwide, providing a globally recognised certificate. Fully certified FRMs are amongst a respected worldwide network and are highly sought after by the world's top employers. Their numbers currently stand in excess of 26,000.

There are other credit risk management courses and finance courses available, but this is considered the best option for those who wish to pursue a career within financial risk.

The FRM Qualification

The Financial Risk Management (FRM) qualification and Market Risk Measurement and Management module was created in 1997 by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). The FRM was designed for those in the risk management sector who were seeking to broaden their knowledge and skill base and update their functionality with current concepts and strategies applicable to their profession.

FRM Valuation and Risk Models: Financial Risk Management Exam, Past Papers, Questions & Syllabus

Financial Risk Management (FRM) Qualification

Preparing for your FRM Financial Risk Manager Exam

Are you looking pass your FRM Exam or sit this assessment for the first time? The Financial Risk Manager (FRM) exam is directed by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). The GARP are a global membership association for risk professionals that offer this professional certification.

Job Prospects for FRM Risk Manager Graduates

Have you recently passed your FRM Risk Manager Exam and want to start your career? Or maybe you are looking into the FRM course and are interested in career prospects?

A career in financial risk management is exciting. The Global Association of Risk Professionals recognises a financial risk management profession as, “one of the top skill sets to have in the financial services industry today.”

Financial Risk Management (FRM) Course in the UK