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UK Financial Service Regulations and Ethics (CF1): Past Exam Papers and Syllabus Information

The first module in the route towards gaining a Financial Planning Certificate is the CF1 module on Regulation and Ethics, and one will find that these issues are of the up most importance throughout all financial training courses in the UK for those wanting to become financial advisors.

Financial Advisor J02 Trusts Course

The J02 Trusts unit is the second stage of the route towards the Diploma in Financial Planning course and is worth 20 credits towards the final marks. The J02 unit is aimed at providing you with a firm grounding in the legalities surrounding the creation and maintenance of various types of trust. It also looks at how UK taxation handles trusts.

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Job Details for Financial Advisor Course Graduates

Are you considering becoming a financial advisor? If you just completed your Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) qualification or are just starting your course, a role in financial advising is promising. Here are some details about a job in financial advising and counselling for a business.

What does a financial advisor do?

How to Become a Financial Advisor

When you become a financial advisor, your position within an organisation is integral to a business and its financial health. You can work independently or for clients such as an insurance company or bank. Career opportunities range from a tied advisor, multi-tied or independent financial advisor.

There are a range of qualifications available depending on what type of advisor you would like to become. Here is a list of qualifications to consider when choosing your financial adviser course.

Financial Planning Certificate (FPC)

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