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CTA Awareness: Taxation of Unincorporated Businesses Exam, Past Papers,Tax Questions and Syllabus Information

CTA Qualification

You should take the Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) course and exams if you wish to become a Chartered Tax Advisor in the UK. This is the most prestigious of all the tax qualifications available and only people who have been working as a tax accountant for a minimum of three years are eligible to sit the exams.

The CTA qualification itself consists of:
• two Advisory papers

Chartered Tax Advisor

The CTA qualification course is the most highly regarded of all the examinations in taxation and is taken by candidates who wish to practice as a chartered tax advisor.

CTA Inheritance Tax, Trusts and Estates: Awareness Qualification Exam, Questions, Past Papers and Syllabus Information

Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) Exams

To complete the Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) qualification, you must sit four papers, each of which is three hours in length. The Awareness paper is one of these papers, and it consists of five modules;
1. Unincorporated Businesses
2. VAT and Stamp Taxes
3. Individuals Tax
4. Corporation Tax, and
5. Inheritance Tax and Estates and Trusts

CTA Tax Exams

The Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) exams, including content from the Taxation of Owner Managed Businesses module, are overseen by the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT). They are completed by students who wish to become a tax accountant in the UK.

Typically, you can complete the full CTA qualification in between ten and 24 months, although there is no time limit for completion. The full qualification consists of:
• two Advisory papers out of six possible choices
• one Awareness paper
• one Application and Interaction paper, and

CTA Qualification

The Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) qualification is currently the most prestigious of all tax certificates. This accounting course has been produced by the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) and offers you a sound foundation for work as a chartered tax advisor or tax accountant. The Chartered Institute of Tax has more than 15,000 members to date. The CTA qualification will help you to increase your career prospects and earning potential.

Tax Qualifications: CTA

The Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) qualification is currently the most sought after qualification for tax advisors in the UK. It has been developed by the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) and provides a sound basis for those who wish to follow a career in taxation advice. CIOT currently have over 15,000 members who all adhere to their levels of high professionalism.

CTA Corporation Tax Course: Awareness Exam, Past Papers & Syllabus

The CTA Qualification

Awarded by the Chartered Institute of Tax (CIOT), the Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) qualification and Corporate Tax module has been designed for those who are looking to follow a career as a chartered tax advisor. With over 14,000 members, the CIOT can boast many of the UK's leading tax advisors among its ranks and have an enviable reputation within the finance and taxation industry.

The CTA Qualification: Course Structure and Syllabus

The Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) CTA qualification comprise four examination paper: Awareness, two Advisory papers and the Application and Interaction paper.

Each of the three hour assessments, held in May and November annually, must be successfully completed to allow you to become a fully qualified certified tax adviser.

The CTA Awareness paper incudes five study modules:
(1) VAT and Stamp Taxes
(2) Inheritance Tax
(3) Estates and Trusts
(4) Corporation Tax

CTA Qualification - Tax Courses in the UK

The CTA (Chartered Tax Adviser) qualification is the highest possible qualification for tax advisers in the UK. Developed, run and assessed by the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) the CTA course provides a sound basis for those wanting to offer tax advisory and related services in the UK. The Chartered Institute of Taxation boasts 15,600 qualified members all of whom are subject to their high professional standards. The CIOT also has a global network of 36 branch offices.