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CISI Commodity Derivatives: Exam, Course, Qualification, Past Papers, Questions & Syllabus


CISI FSA Financial Regulation: Course, Exam, Past Papers, Questions and Syllabus Information

FSA Financial Regulation Module

The purpose of the FSA Financial Regulation module and exam is to provide an understanding of the regulations and legislation applicable to financial markets and the conduct of investment business in the United Kingdom.

The CISI Qualification

The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI) have designed the CISI Certificate in Investment and Risk course in liaison with many of the leading global financial services companies and educational providers. The CISI certificate is intended to offer a comprehensive knowledge and skills base to any individual working in the application of securities and derivatives to private or corporate clients.

CISI Course

The Status of the CISI Qualification

CISI Investment Management Course: Exams, Past Papers, Questions, and Syllabus Information

The Route to CISI Qualification

What is the CISI Diploma in Investment Compliance Course and Qualification?

The CISI Advanced Diploma in Investment Compliance course has been designed for compliance professionals in the securities and investment industry or those looking to pursue a career in compliance. This course is provided by CISI, the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, which is the main provider of financial services qualifications.

Achieve your CISI Level 6 PCIAM Qualification

The Private Client Investment Advice and Management (PCIAM) exam is part of the CISI Diploma, but can also be taken as an individual qualification. The PCIAM qualification provides retail advisors with a path to Retail Distribution Review (RDR) compliancy, part of a consumer protection strategy that aims to ensure transparency.

Who should study PCIAM?

Study Guide to the CISI Exams

Do you work for a global financial services firm and want to advance yourself professionally? If you work in a position where you are advising or dealing in securities on behalf of clients, then you might be interested in achieving the CISI Certificate in Corporate Finance qualification.

CISI Diploma Course: Approved Person Status and MSCI Membership Explained

The CISI post-graduate course is most popular with candidates who are seeking entry level positions and graduates (A-level) pursuing a financial degree. The CISI Diploma programme will assess you on a series of units with the ultimate aim of receiving ‘approved person’ status after passing the exams. You must pass at least three units to gain your diploma and MSCI membership.

CISI Diploma & Certificates Courses in the UK

The Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment (CISI) was formed by London Stock Exchange practitioners as the professional body for those employed in the securities and investment fields. The CISI run a number of courses that offer certification to professionals in various areas within the securities and derivatives markets.

Benefits of Gaining CISI Certification