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Dedicated finance courses were once reserved for those with ambitions for a finance related career: budding accountants, HR and payroll staff, or individuals interested in corporate banking. However, the latest research into some of the country's most prestigious roles demonstrate some interesting findings; that a financial background and experience is the key not only to getting into many FTSE 100 companies, but also to job progression and promotion.

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The History of ACCA

What is ACCA? The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has, for 100 years, stood as the international body for professional accountants representing the industry's dedication to the highest levels of ethics, professional standards, and governance.

ACCA Advanced Audit Assurance P7 Syllabus Information

The P7 module of ACCA courses begins with an overview of the legal and regulatory framework with looks at money laundering, the code of ethics and professional liability. The syllabus also covers practice management procedures including how to maintain professional engagements. Other areas covered include the audit of financial statements, prospective financial information and other types of assurance assignments.

ACCA Advanced Taxation P6 Syllabus Information

The ACCA P6, Advanced Taxation is one of the optional modules in the professional level ACCA syllabus and is intended to lead candidates towards a specialist career in taxation or for those who want a deeper understanding of taxation. It builds upon core knowledge covered during the F6, Taxation module within the Skills Level of the ACCA syllabus. Other taxes are introduced such as inheritance tax, stamp duty and stamp duty land tax.

ACCA Advanced Performance Management P5 Syllabus Information

The ACCA P5, Advanced Performance Management syllabus is an optional module and continues to build on concepts and skills introduced during the skills level F5, Performance Management module. It also draws from aspects of the course covered in P3, Business Analysis and approached in a more strategic and operational planning approach. Management accounting is examined as a discipline of organising and maintaining performance so that strategic objectives can be effectively implemented and followed through to realisation.

ACCA Advanced Financial Management P4 Syllabus

The aim of the ACCA P4 syllabus is to build on already established knowledge and skills while developing the ability to exercise professional judgement expected of a senior financial executive or advisor when involved in the decision making process regarding the financial management of an organisation.

ACCA Business Analysis P3 Syllabus Information

ACCA P2 Corporate Reporting (CR) Syllabus Information

The P2 Corporate Reporting ACCA course addresses in much greater depth many of the areas covered in the fundamental level of the ACCA syllabus and assumes that candidates possess the necessary skills to prepare and analyse financial reports for single and combined entities.

ACCA P1 Syllabus Information

ACCA F9 Financial Management (FM) Syllabus Information

The ACCA F9 syllabus is specifically designed to provide candidates with the necessary skills that would be the normal remit of a finance manager responsible for the finance function of an organisation. The role and purpose of the financial management function within an organisation is introduced. Then the three main financial management decisions; investing, financing and dividend policy, are discussed within the context of the economic environments in which these decisions are made.

ACCA F8 Audit and Assurance (AA) Syllabus Information

The F8 Audit and Assurance (AA) module of ACCA accounting courses is structured to provide you with a firm grounding in the process of carrying out the assurance engagement and how it is applied within the context of the professional regulatory framework.

ACCA F7 Financial Reporting Syllabus Information

ACCA Taxation F6 Syllabus Information

ACCA F5 Performance Management (PM) Syllabus Information

The ACCA F5 syllabus covers topics introduced in F2 Management Accounting, but in greater detail and prepares you for the areas covered in the P5 module, which tend to involve more specialist capabilities.

ACCA Corporate and Business Law F4 Syllabus Information

The F4 course is the first sub-module of the Skills Module which completes the Fundamental Level of the syllabus that ACCA courses London and UK schools offer.

ACCA Financial Accounting (F3/FFA) Syllabus Information

ACCA Management Accounting F2 Syllabus Information

ACCA Accountant in Business (F1) Syllabus Information

The F1 module is the first sub-module of the Knowledge Module in the ACCA Fundamental Level syllabus. It is aimed at providing key competencies in the area of the business environment and the role that accounting and various other business functions play in the overall success of a business and the development of the organisation as a whole including people and processes, underpinned by ethical practices. The successful completion of the F1 stage awards the Foundation of Accounting in Business or FAB.

Benefits of ACCA Qualification Training

  • 63% of ACCA members got a payrise in the last 12 months*
  • A newly qualified ACCA member could earn £40k+
  • ACCA is the biggest accounting institution with over 147,000 members

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